Play, New Literacies, and Digital Media in Preschool and Primary Classrooms



In the Literacy Playshop studies, we research a curricular model that deepens learning and expands participation by integrating play and technology with new literacies and popular media narratives in early childhood classroom. In 2005, Wohlwend partnered with kindergarten teachers to develop and implement literacy playshops on filmmaking and children’s media. Since that time, the research team has facilitated and documented playshops in preschool through primary grades on filmmaking as well as digital puppetry with iPads and animation apps. Each playshop is unique, situated in a single classroom, and designed by the teachers to best fit the interests and curricular needs of the children in that classroom.



Project Members


Karen Wohlwend

Beth Buchholz

Christy Wessel-Powell

Linda Skidmore Coggin

Nicholas Husbye

Tolga Kargin

Ya Huei Lu

Suriati Abas

Jill Scott