Creativity Labs: Computational Textiles as Materials for Digital Learning and Creativity

We are researching how to encourage youth (ages 10 to 18) to creatively engage with e-textiles in after-school and school settings. E-textiles integrate electronic circuits and computer technology with cloth, allowing designers to embed fabric-based items such as clothing, puppets, bags with electronics like LEDs, speakers, and wearable computers. Capitalizing on youths’ pre-existing interests in new media, fashion, and design, while supporting learning and creativity in computer science and engineering, this project encourages youth to contribute in meaningful ways to the emergent field of computational textile design. Our lab is uncovering how e-textiles are potentially transformative both in terms of improving learning outcomes as well as broadening participation in STEM fields today.

Support for this project comes from the National Science Foundation (Grant #0855886) and theProffitt Foundation


Project Members


Dr. Kylie Peppler

Sophia Bender

Naomi Thompson

Verily Tan