Technology Support

This page is designed to provide CRLT project teams technology support. Please follow the directions below to create a ticket and report your problem.

  1. Click on the green spots to create a ticket.
  2. This is NOT an appointment system. The technology coordinator will use the tickets to organize, prioritize and address the tasks as soon as possible.
  3. You don't have to be in your office if the problem does not need your guidance. The technology coordinator will let you know if the problem requires an appointment.
  4. By creating a ticket, you allow the technology coordinator to access your room and computer to investigate and/or solve the problem.
  5. Technology coordinator is in the ofice 20 hours in a week and may not be able to address your concern in the same day. If he is not in the office and you have an immediate need, please contact



Please refresh the page to see your appointment below in the Google Calendar!!!